End of Life Guide

What is an End of Life Guide?

An End of Life Guide, is an individual who is in service to the dying. The National Home Funeral Association lists this person as an “End of Life (Transition) Guide” and describes the role as, “…a person who accompanies a dying person and his or her family and friends through a spiritually conscious dying process. It offers the opportunity to bring dignity and peace back into the dying process.” (NHFA)

This role is also known by several other names: Thandoula, End of Life Doula, Death Doula, Death Midwife, Deathwalker, Anam Cara, and several other individual variations. They all speak to the same notion, a non-medical individual who helps the dying and their family through the end of life transition.  The job of the End of Life Guide is to listen to the wishes and concerns of the dying and those involved, help co-create the desired transition experience, and be knowledgeable about the death care field to be able to help those involved work with hospice medical individuals, mental health care workers, funeral directors, religious or spiritual professionals, and any other individuals that will work as a team to assist the dying and their loved ones. End of Life Guides may also be legally certified to provide other services, such as medical or mental health, but not necessarily.

End of Life Guide/Home Funeral Services

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