Mystical Self-Healing

What is Mystical Self-Healing?

Mystical Self-Healing is a system of spiritual healing that engages the practitioner, their helping spirits, and the helping spirits of the client. It can also include working with the helping spirits of a place. These helping spirits are known by many names across many cultures and faiths, and are always compassionate beings. Different techniques may be used depending on what is needed. Not every technique gets used every time. These techniques are always performed with the cooperation, willingness, and permission of all parties involved, human and spirit. The goal of mystical self-healing is to bring power and wholeness to the client.

What Techniques Are Used in Self-Healing?

One or more of the following techniques may be employed. The work of the mystical practitioner is to determine the best combination of techniques for the client at the time of the appointment. The practitioner works with their spirit helpers to determine what is needed and how much work is to be done in a particular session.

 Psychopomp Work

Pscychopomp work focuses on dealing with departed beings, including helping those beings cross from this realm to the next.

Compassionate Depossession

Compassionate depossession works with all affected beings to a safe and health resolution. This is completely different work from exorcism.

Curse Unraveling

Curse unraveling helps the affected individuals by removing any curses that have been set into place, through intention or by accident.

Soul Retrieval

Often times parts of one’s soul has become detached and needs to be retrieved and reintegrated into the whole.

Extraction Healing

Extraction healing focuses on the safe removal of foreign objects or energies that have become attached to an individual.

Spirit Clearing

Spirit clearing can be similar to psychopomp work. Different beings and energies can get trapped or entwined with a place or object.

Energy Healing

This type of energy healing does not exist within a specific tradition or structure. The practitioner and all helping spirits determine the best energy needed to address the area of healing.

Negative Thought-form Healing

This form of healing can be very effective in releasing entanglements with negative thought-forms.

Compassionate Helper Identification

This work identifies any compassionate helpers who wish to come forward to the aide of an individual. The Helpers may be permanent or transitive.


What I have chosen to call Mystical Self-Healing, many refer to as Shamanism. I am not using the term Shamanism because it is understood as a term of cultural appropriation. While many of the techniques are similar, I have chosen not to engage in the dis-ease of others by changing my language and not using specific cultural or religious techniques that have been taken out of their original context. As a healer and teacher, it is important for me that my words, thoughts, and actions be consistent with my morals and ethics.