Mystical Self-Healing

What is Mystical Self-Healing?

Mystical Self-Healing is a system of spiritual healing. It is a way of spiritual healing that engages the practitioner, their helping spirits, and the helping spirits of the client. It can also include working with the helping spirits of a place. These helping spirits are known by many names across many cultures and faiths and are always compassionate beings. Different techniques may be used depending on what is needed. Not every technique gets used every time. These techniques are always performed with the cooperation, willingness, and permission of all parties involved, human and spirit. The goal of mystical self-healing is to bring power and wholeness to the client.

What Techniques Are Used in Self-Healing?

One or more of the following techniques may be employed. The work of the mystical practitioner is to determine the best combination of techniques for the client at the time of the appointment. The practitioner works with their spirit helpers to determine what is needed and how much work is to be done in a particular session.

 Psychopomp Work

Compassionate Depossession

Curse Unraveling

Soul Retrieval

Extraction Healing

Spirit Clearing

Energy Healing

Negative Thought-form Healing

Compassionate Helper Identification