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Office Hours

I currently do not have any office hours. I am based in Burlington, Vermont. I am available by appointment at your location. I also perform distance Self-Healing and Reiki sessions and am available via Skype. Travel fees may apply.


I currently accept cash or money orders. I am currently not accepting credit cards. Please contact me for an appointment or if you have any questions regarding any of my services. Please reach out to me even if you are not able to afford the full amount. Watch my website for free clinics offered by myself as well as others in the area.

Who I Work With

I will work with any individual, regardless of age*, race, ethnicity, religion, spirituality, political beliefs, ability, stature, sex, gender identity, sexual preference, mental or physical health, language**, marital status or any other actual, potential, or perceived discriminating factor not already mentioned. My only limiting factor is that the individual be respectful and conduct themselves in that manner.

*I only accept individuals under the age of 18 (depending on individual state laws of adulthood) with the permission (signature) and presence of parent or legal guardian.

** I speak English. I also understand some French. Translators are welcome should an individual want or need one to be present. This is not a service I provide, however I am more than happy to have a translator be in attendance for no extra charge.

Military Members

All of my services are available free to current or former US Military and Veterans if requested.

What to Expect

Self-Healing or Reiki Sessions

When the session begins, you and I will go over the Reiki hand positions (if applicable) and what you can expect during the Reiki session or the Self-Healing session. You will be able to have all of your questions answered as well as fill out a document where and how touch, if any, is to be given. The waiver is signed by both you and me, and is a living document, able to be edited by you at any time during the session. The session is your time and is under your complete control. All sessions with me are performed fully clothed.

I asked that you dress in comfortable, loose layers. Any restrictive clothing is not encouraged as you want the body to be as calm and peaceful as possible.  Layers will provide you with the ability to regulate your temperature according to your personal comfort. Items such as belts, shoes, watches, rings, and other jewelry should be removed just prior to the session, in as much as is possible.  All cell phones and personal electronic devices should be turned off and not just set to a silent mode. I will provide music and sage burning. Please let me know if you have allergies or preferences, so that I will know not to use incense. Please feel free to bring your own music if you have a personal preference.

It is recommended that you not consume a heavy or substantial meal at least 4 hours before of the start of the session. A light meal of fruit and a salad is best, avoiding animal products, grains or bread, legumes or heavy fats such as dairy or nuts. The body uses a lot of energy and resources in digestion, and you will be able to commit more of your body’s energy to your healing if you are not also trying to digest heavy or substantial food. Please avoid all alcohol and recreational drugs the day of the session, both before and after, should you use them. Please do your best to limit or avoid tobacco intake as well, should you use tobacco products. Please avoid wearing perfume or cologne, or strongly scented lotions, etc.

Please drink plenty of water before and after the session to aid with the cleansing that your body naturally performs on a daily basis. Please reserve plenty of time after your session to acclimate back into your daily life. Please do not change your use of prescription drugs whatsoever! This should only be done under the advisement and supervision of your physician. Energy healing does, and will work, regardless of whether or not the aforementioned suggestions have been followed.

The aim of these suggestions is to create a time and space when you are removed from the stresses of daily life, even if for a short time. This will give your mind and body the freedom to commit all of the energy to you and your needs.

Other Services

With my other services, I will work with you one on one to determine your individual needs and requirements. We will come up with a game-plan and set expectations of all parties.

Mystical Self-Healing Services

Self-Healing Sessions

Please contact me for details. Sessions may last between one to two hours and will depend greatly on the type and depth of work requested/required.


$80 per hour.

Reiki Services

Reiki Sessions

Sessions can last from 30 minutes to an hour.


Half Hour Session: $45

Hour Session: $80

Reiki Lessons

I am taking students. Please contact me for details.

Free Reiki Clinics

Celebrant & Ritual Services

Please contact me for details. Services to be determined at the time of consultation.


To be determined at the time of consultation.

Please see Disclaimer & Ethics for additional information.